Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Salford Zine Library

This is worth a look for anyone in the practice of producing zines and self published work. It's a growing library of this kind of thing and aims to tour as well as gather and archive it's collection. Submissions are welcome and it seems like a fun thing to be a part well as another chance to get your work out there. It's also a kind of interesting model for alternative ways of doing that.

Highland Print Studio Residency (PAID!!)

Got this over the Arts Council Job email. There is paid residency going at the Highland Art Studio up in Inverness. The position involves 50% teaching and 50% doing your own thing, for a year on 20K. Take a look at the website (though there is no information about the residency on it) and for more info email or an application pack. Deadline is the 27th of September.
I recently read about a printmaker who did this and it really gave her career a kick start.

Open Submissions

Here is an opportunity to submit some work for an exhibition with just about as little effort possible. Apparently the guy who organises this is really keen to get as many international submission as possible so go for it! It's a digital thing so you only need to submit over the internet, but all the info is there on the website - take a look.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Some Open-Minded Magazines

I went browsing in a chain bookstore in Anchorage and found a few interesting magazines that publish art work along side written work by both established and up and coming artists. Take a look, it might be worth submitting. They all seem to accept unsolicited submissions.
Interestingly, a couple seem to be affiliated with universities...just thought I'd mention that.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Duchy Square Centre for Creativity

For anyone living in the vicinity of Plymouth...

Advertised in the Western Morning News this week:

A moorland creative centre has vacancies for artists and crafts people to get started in business.

The Duchy Square Centre for Creativity has workshop space opening up as it celebrates its first anniversary. The spare room is a sign of success at the Princetown centre, resulting from a number of resident artists who have grown and moved on to the next level.

Duchy Square has units ranging in size from 10sqm to 30sqm and gives access to gallery space.

For more details on space available, call the centre on 01822 890828.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Artist Residency - Ireland

5 week residency in Ireland which looks pretty nice. Deadline - 28th Feb. Definitely worth a look at the very least - the studio looks great!

2-6 month residency in Vienna

Quartier21 in Vienna offer residencies of anything from 2-6 months in duration. The focus seems to be on intercultural relations, but take a look. It looks pretty nice AND there's a stipend.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries

Open to 2009 graduates and current students. Deadline is the 19th of Feb and I think there's a £20 fee.

National Open Art Competition

Don't know how interesting this almost looks a little cheesy, but I figured I'd post it anyway.